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September 2009

Thomas and Miriam, Italy

Erik and Nicole, NYC

Orjan, Sweden

Gunnel, Sweden

David, England

Mark and Louise, Scotland

Brandon and Tamara, Canada

Sylvian and Slavy, EU

Scott, England

Denise and Jemma, Australia

Glyn and Meg, Australia

Sara, Mela, Catharine and Anki.

Jen and Juice, Canada

Stephanie, Canada

Angela and Erica, Florida

Pat and Melinda, England

Ben and Tarrin, England

Martin, Germany

Tom, England

Archilias and Nora, Germany

Anika, Sweden

Anders, England

Harriet and Ryan, Australia

Brittany and Damen, Canada

Irene and Sergio, Spain

Rhoda, England

Steve, England

Phil, England

Juan, Argentina

Verna, canada

Dickson, Canada

Tracy, S. Dakota

Danish senior sea kayak club, A team

Danish senior sea kayak club, H team

Katie and Per, EU

Ralph and Theresa, London

Kathy and Richard, London

Florian and Iulian, Romania

Julia and Chris, England

Pascal and Ana, France

Jenna and Nikos, Germany

Vanessa and Luke, USA

Deborah of Boston

David of Boston

Kelly, Australia

Sylvia and Alan, Ireland

Petros and Nancy, Australia

Euan, Scotland

Katie, Scotland

Adam and Jasmine, Texas

Susan, England

Francis, Scotland

Richard, Scotland

Williams family, Kuwait

Kathy and Heinz, Canada

John and Marlene, Canada

Carol, New York

Jim, New York

Darren and Tamara, Canada

Denise and Stephanie, California

Hans Aage and Ingeborg, DK

Jens and Stina, Denmark

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