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October 2009

Poul of Denmark

Vibike of Denmark

Erling of Denmark

Lena of Denmark

Vibike II and Arne, Denmark

Bente and Andrzej, Denmark

Roula and and Birgit, Milos

Toni and Marta, Spain

Around Milos and Kimolos Expedition, October 3-9,  see map and photos

Terry and Sandra, England

Marjolein, Holland

Christian, Germany

Rhiannon, England

Roger, Wales

Jude, Wales

Udo, Holland

Helen, Holland

Swiss Group from

Anita, Switzerland

Louis, Switzerland

Susanne, Switzerland

Annigna, Switzerland

Thomas, Switzerland

Ursula, Switzerland

Alice, Switzerland

Oliver, Switzerland

Sarah, Switzerland

Xavier, Scotland

Chris, Scotland

Beth, Scotland

Yolunda, Scotland

Les, Ireland

John, England

Heidi and Robin, England

Eddie, USA

Judith, England

Bob, England

Lexy, USA
November 2009

Christos, Greece

George, Greece

Freda, England

Al, England

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