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May 2009

Saronic Gulf expedition

Sandy, NYC

Jeremy, NYC

Patrick, France

Kevin, England

Pamela, England

Neil, England

Alain, France
Angelo, Switzerland

Barbara, Switzerland

Simone, Switzerland

Dani, Switzerland

Jano, Kansas

Marissa, Switzerland

Guido, Switzerland

Jon, Scotland

Hal and Archie, Scotland

Glen, Canada

Kate, Canada

MJ, Nebraska

Guusta, Holland

Anaka, Holland

Wim, Holland

Eric and Heidi, US and Finland

Terry, England

Sandra, England

Git, Holland

Ed, Holland

Kath and Annie, RSA

Jackie, England

Andrew, England

David, England

Odile and Veronica, Canada

Olivia and Jeff, RSA

Margo and Cecile, RSA

Scott and Rachael, Oregon

Paul, England

Andrea and Michael, Canada

Ed, England

Emma, England

Pete, England

Charlotte, England

Wilf, England

Neil, England

Alex and Matt, Canada

Reagan and Sada, Texas

Barbara, Utah

Kev, England

Jan, Utah

Mark and Alice, California

Patrick and Anne, Germany

Hadas, Israel

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