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June 2009

Flis, England

Martyn, England

Sarah and Ross, England

Adrian, England

Jeff, England

Andrea, Brazil

Justin and Jessica, Colarado

Alex, Hilary and Nick, England

John and Lily, Texas

Andy, England

Sara, England

Brook and Darren, USA

Helen, England

Dan, England

Optimist canoe club, Israel

Around Milos (almost) and Kimolos Expedition, 13-19 June 2009

Natalie, France

Dave, England

Ian, England

Brad, California

Katherine, England

Ben, England

Bob, England

Sue, England

Hanny, Belgium

Zjef, Belgium

Bob and Di, Oz and England

Sarah and Marian, France

Molly and Jeff, Canada

Rose and Helen, Australia

April and Nicole, USA

Hilda and Jan, Belgium

Kristen and Lina, Norway

Natasha, USA

Steve and Melissa, NYC

Trevor and Satareh, NYC

Tony and Ester, England

Dina and Matt, NYC

Daniela, NYC

Claire, NYC

Julie, England

Jort, Holland

Jonathon and Sophia, England

Jemma and Paul, Spain

Mary, Minnesota

Angela, Minnesota

Diedre, N. Ireland

McKaela and Todd, Wisconsin

Michelle, Wisconsin

Jim, N. Ireland

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