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July 2009

Petrina and Caitlin, Australia

Catherine, Minnesota

Richard and Mary-A., Minnesota

Christophe, France

Elaine and Gordon, England

Marie-Pierre, Quebec

Nicolas, Quebec

Jean and Mark, England

Kathy, New Zealand

Mark and Joss, Scotland

Tara and Cath, Scotland

Cloda and Leo, Ireland

Justin, England

Josh, England

Laura, England

Leah, England

Pete, England

Celia, England

Martin and Amanda, England

Brett and Steven, NYC

Audrey and Sarah, Belgium

Thomas and Lionel, Belgium

Laura and Doug, USA

Kathy, RSA

John and Starr, Canada

Skojdt family and friends, Denmark

Ros, Germany

Simon and Eftychia, Greece

Debi, USA

Summer, USA

Annie, England

Miriam and Timothee, France

Anne-Marie, Denmark

Julia and Tage, Denmark

Jackie, NYC

Nathan and Lindsay, Canada

Ian and Laura, England

Nic and Heather, England

Vicky and Steve, England

Janet and Roddy, Scotland

David and Kin, NYC

Sherry, NYC

Michaela and Kiley, Colorado

Nicolai and Ditte, Denmark

Nicky and Mairead, England

Ina, Germany

Artin and Ashley, California

Joanna, England

Ben, England

Simon, England

Kath, England

Nik and Mia, Australia

Peter and Elle, Germany

Jenny and Katerina, Greece

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