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August 2009

Paul of England

Augustine and Eliza, Italy

Liala, Sweden

Daniel, Sweden

Greg and Diana, NYC

Dean and Dom, Australia

Kate and Adam, England

Eva and Nicholas, Spain

Nina and Alex, Germany

Ewan and Veronica, Scotland

Ross, Scotland

Graham, Scotland

Dennis, France

Florence, France

Pierre, France

Françoise, France

Christiana and Sigrid, Germany

Jonah and Elsa, France

Chris, N. Carolina

Karen, N. Carolina

Jenifer and Fabian, France

Ronin, France

Alexis and Jordan, Canada

Sara and Alejandro, Spain

Per, Denmark

Hanne, Denmark

Noah and Karen, California

Audrey and Guillaume, France

Renia and George, Greece

Pierre-Jean and Isabel, Switzerland

Emily and Pip, Australia

Tessa and Kit, Ireland

Norbert and Claudia, Germany

Farina and Lina, Germany

Paul of plymouth

Linda of Plymouth

Denise of Plymouth

Rowena of Plymouth

Bernie of Birmingham

Meryl of Plymouth

Paul, New York

Jamie, New York

David and Adriana, US

Idoya and Adi, Spain

Dermit, Ireland

Peter, Ireland

Matt of London

Tori of London

Alistair and Sara, Canada

Cindy of NYC

Lana of NJ

Angela and Paul, US

Uschi, Greece

Alejandro and Laura, Spain

Rachael of Wales

Lydia of Wales

Miltos and Mary, Greece

Paul and Jenny, England

Clint and Elle, England

Rachelle and Elizabeth, Canada

Megan, Libby and Mandy, USA

Carole, Fabian, David, Charlotte, Paris, France

Steve and Alexia, USA

Dobella and Dan, Serbia

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