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September 2008

Geoff and Cindy, Montana

David, USA

Gill and Bill, England

Paul, England

Andy, England

Jane, England

Thea and Zac, USA

the film crew, Canada

Josien, England

Ina, Netherlands

Ria, England

Steve, England

Anna and Matt, England

Victor and Jo, England

Marty and Lynn, USA

Hanne and Eve, Denmark

Andy and Helen, England

Terry, England

Sandra, England

John, Scotland

Gabriel and Veronica, Romania

Joanne, USA

Karl, USA

Emmanuel and Dianne, France

Jay and Nina, Germany

Bob and Gabriel, Canada

Glenn, Australia

Agnes, France

Krzysiek and Kasia, Poland

Joana & Ness, Portugal & Aus

Mike and Julia, Canada

Karl, Germany

Russell, Australia

Mike, England

Sarah, England

Judy, Australia

Leonidis, The Nederland's

Perros, Milos

Juan and Maria, Spain

Dominic, France

Christos and Olga, Greece

Kathi, Germany

Adele, Germany

Daniel, Germany

Christina, USA

Jess and Crystal, USA

John, USA

Chris, USA

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