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May 2008

Kimberley and Deirdre , USA

Rosie, England

Mel, England

David, England

Cyrille and Frederica, Fr-Italy

Helle and Kim, Denmark

Milos and Michaela, Czech R.

Cathy and Dale, USA

Ryan and Kelly, Canada

Danny and Brandy, Canada

Anna and Steve, Canada

Larry, Australia

Matt, Canada

Craig, Scotland

John and Katie, England

Niall and Danielle, Ireland

Simone and Martin, Germany

Ralph, Germany

Burhard, Germany

Dale and Pat, California

Andy, Scotland

Helen, Scotland

Guido, Switzerland

Marissa, Switzerland

Brandon and Jamie, USA

Barbara, Australia

David, Australia

Lacy and Mara, USA

Paul, England

Miriam, England

Tamara and Jamie, USA

Terry, England

Dee, England

Dave, England

Sue, England

Armin and Crystal, Germany

Ross and Graham

Ewan and Veronica, Scotland

Eve and Rachael, NZ

Caroline and Ken, Oregon

Satu, Finland

Jan, Utah

Milos, 2008

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