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June 2008

Stephanie and Sven, USA

Derek and Brook, USA

Anna and Mark, New Zealand

Brett and Dorothée, France

Aisling, Ireland

Carl, Ireland

John, Canada

Jeff and Sue, USA

Yoni and Kiki, Israel

Niti, Israel

Barbara and Haggit, Israel

Alkie, Greece

Ryan, USA

Brett, USA

Jill, USA

Jason, USA

Jane, USA

Marie, USA

Diane, USA

Jason and Jaymi, USA

David, England

John, England

Julian, England

Alison, England

Milos, Kimolos and Poliegos Expedition, 15-21 June, see more photos

Ruisch, The Nederlands

Michael and Anna, USA

The boys from NYC

Steve, England

Oksana, Ukraine

Peggy and Maya, USA

Rhoda, England

Phil, England

John, USA

Lauren, USA

Laurie, USA

Laurie and Sally, USA

Gill, Jersey

Pete, Jersey

Billy, Milos (read story)

Melissa and Arno, France

Hutch and Sherry, USA

Sarah and James, England

Julio, Italy

Vania, Italy

Ann, USA

Tania and Michelle, USA

Chris, England

Janet, England

Maeva, France

Hylde and Ragnrar , Norway

Alex and Emma, Australia

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