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July 2008

Charissa and Sean, USA

Dani and Jimio, USA

Megan and John, USA

Mondi and Heather, England

Georgos and Fotini, Greece

Las chicas, Argentina

Michael and Ann, Ireland

Athina and Henrick, England

Eva, Denmark

Mette and Kristen, Denmark

Benedicte and Thomas, Denmark

Heather and Tommy, England

Hans, Denmark

Martin and Ingrid, Sweden

Aris, Greece

John and Chris, England

Per, Denmark

Hanna, Denmark

Toni, Denmark

Jorgen, Denmark

Adi and Myltos, Greece

Catherine, Wales

Paul, Wales

Deb and Grant, New Zealand

Andrea and Alan, Holland

Dave and Millie, England

Sinead and Fiona, Ireland

Elefsini and Louise, Greece

Michelle and Arun, Australia

Alesandra and Frederico , Italy

Stefanos and Nina, Greece

Jacob and Ann, Denmark

Angela, Spain

Enric, Spain

Rony and Nada, Lebanon

Chadi and Maya, Lebanon

Karin and Pete, Sweden

Jenna and Ryan, Canada

Kai and Ulla, Finland

George and Iliana, Greece

Mark and Lance, USA

Jo and Maude, Scotland

Ben and Greg, Scotland

Eugenia and Stavros, Greece

Stefano and Paola, Italy

Frederico, Italy

Alexandro and Luca, Italy

Jose and Roccio, Spain

Ilias and Dimitra, Greece

Dan and Sam, Australia

Marion and Dave, N. Ireland

Laura, USA

Craig and Alison, England

Lydia and Leah, USA

Mike and Stella, USA

Marlene, Swantje & Katrin, Germany

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