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August 2008

Susi and Kei, Japan and Austria

Amy and Meghan, USA

Frederica and Enrico, Italy

Claire and Jessica, England

Polis and Georgiana, Cypress

Niamh and Andrew, Ireland

Jessica, Australia

Fabian, France

Marin and Susan, USA

Jonna and John, USA

LaDonna and Amanda, USA

Katerina and Yannis, Greece

Eva and Tom, USA

Chelsea and Kane, NZ

Richard and Kimberley, NZ

Katyna, USA

Glynn and Eleny, USA

, France

Allen Family, England

Peter and Max, England

Sylvie, England

Isabel and Robin, England

Gerard and Chille, Belgium

Carlo, Beatrice, Nico, Emilio, Italy

Amie and Wade, South Africa

Korina and George, Greece

Iris and Popi, Greece

Jenny and Kit, England

Roberto and Marylenna, Italy

Nikos and Persefoni , Greece

Boris, Greece

Valentina and Phillip, Italy

Brice, France

Conta Family, Italy

Beatrice, South Africa

Sara and Rick, Zimbabwe

Hanna and Lena, Germany

Claudia and Norbert, Germany

Viki, Greece

Nora and Yannis, Greece

Heike and Vasilis, Germany

Cecilia and Matteo, Italy

Simone and Roberta, Italy

Steph and Amanda, US and NZ

Sue, England

Pete, England

Kevin and Sean, Ireland

Caroline and Sarah, England

Sylvie, France

Yves, France

Marios and Marilu, Italy

Emma, Greece

Bonnie, Canada

Jenny and Dave, England

Luke and Sophie, England

Michelle and Elza, France

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