Around Milos Expedition
8-15 October 2005

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Gavin and Mary Mike and Helen Lex and Corrie Inge and Marcel better photo of Marcel wobbly water
cdIMGP1113 DSC02125 DSC02146 DSC02170 DSC02218 DSC02238
Steamy Whats up? Gerakas Bay Psathi Arch Kleftico cave Kleftico arch
DSC02270 DSC02276 DSC02283 DSC02285 DSC02288 DSC02313
Surf launch west coast waves crossing from Vani Stop at Agathia some tea? tight fit?
DSC02352 DSC02364 DSC02373 DSC02385 IMG_0033
what's for dinner? Mary's blue lagoon Poliegos rocks Poliegos campfire Kimolos camp Psathi rock
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Family visit Sikia IMGP0361.jpg Glaronisia arch Kimolos sunset morning paddle