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May 2005

Sven and Miriam Stein
Hamburg, Germany

Joanne and Randy Warren
Minnesota, USA

Wendon Hutchins and Iona
Bayley, New Zealand

Ashley and Carl
California, USA

Teresa and Julian
Degenwy, Wales

Marcus and Maike
Cologne, Germany

Hayley Dutton and Ryan
Norrie, South Africa

Jessi and Matt
Minnesota USA

Andrew Parkinson
Mossy Point, Australia

Sam and Elenor
Mossy Point, Australia

Tim Hickling

Annie Wiggs

Emma Wiggs

Roger Harris
Sussex, England

Karen Davis
Congleton, England

Simon Nixon
Congleton, England

April 2005

Around Milos expedition April 2-9, 2005
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***Steve and Josien Woolmer
Santorini expedition, Apr 12-20

Sylvie et Jean Cazes

Lielani Leard

Mike Minter

Lyn and John Bottrill
Jindabyne, Australia

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