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Milos Island, GREECE

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General Information:

Day-trips are the perfect way to combine a kayaking experience with your Greek island holiday. Logistically simple, day-trips require minimal equipment and preparation. Planned on a day to day basis, we use the wind to our advantage, rather than fighting against it.

A single day-trip is a great way to see Milos if your time is limited and for those new to the sport. No previous kayaking experience is necessary; instruction is offered as required.

Considering a sea kayaking holiday?  Stay and paddle for as many days as you want.  We recommend our "Explore Milos" package.  Experience the variety of the Milos coastline with a series of 6 different day-trips, then return to the village each evening to the comfort and convenience of our guesthouse.

Rod Feldtmann will guide all trips.  Rod is a qualified sea kayak coach with 15 years experience running kayaking trips around Milos and to other parts of Greece. See more info about us.

 Single or multiple day-trips

Our kayaking adventure trips explore remote sections of coast.  A seven hour day allows for 1 hour travel and set-up time, 3-4 hours paddling and 2-3 hours out-of kayak time: relaxing, swimming, snorkeling, sea cliff climbing and jumping, walking or exploring.

  • Price per person: 80

  • Departure : Daily at 9.30am - return to village around 5.30pm

  • No experience necessary

  • Included in Price: All sea kayaking equipment, guiding and tuition, transport to and from paddle site, a dry-bag, snorkelling equipment, morning snack, picnic lunch, complimentary photos.

Trips are planned on a day-to-day basis.  Every effort will be made to make the best trip possible given the conditions and experience of the participants.    All our trips begin and end on a high point with nothing but spectacular in between - sea caves, natural arches and passages, rock gardens, huge cliffs, secluded coves, deserted beaches, crossing to small islands, etc.  For those considering 2 or more day trips, we guarantee a different trip every day (see map).

See our promotional video (7.5min)

Explore Milos Package - The highlights of the Milos coast in 6 day trips with 8 nights B&B.

A different trip is guaranteed every day, with 12 trips to choose from (see day-trip map) and each trip offers something different.  Beginners are most welcome; experienced paddlers will be accommodated with longer trips and more challenging conditions.

  • Price per person: 700 (twin share), 800 euro (single room)

  • No kayaking experience necessary

  • Departure: Daily at 9.30m - return to village around 5.30pm

  • no fixed dates (day trips run most days April to the end of October; you can arrive and depart when it suits you, subject to availability)

Included in price: 

  • Six guided day-trips;

  • All kayaking equipment (details);

  • Tuition as required;

  • Snorkelling equipment; 

  • 8 nights accommodation in Petrinela's Guesthouse;

  • Continental breakfast (x8);

  • Picnic lunch and morning snack (x6);

  • Cultural, historical and archaeological side trips;

  • Complimentary photos online

NOT Included in price

  • Evening meal (allow 15-20 euro per person) and entertainment;

  • Rest and arrival day activities.

Each morning we meet in our cafe at 9.00am for breakfast and to make a plan for the day. Trips are planned on a day-to-day basis, taking into account the wind direction as well as the preferences and experience of the group. Departure is at 10.00am and return is around 5.30pm.  Each day will involve 3-4 hours paddling with 2-3 generous stops, for skills practice, snorkeling or swimming, or just lying on the beach.  

In the evenings, after a hot shower, enjoy a drink in our cafe or take a stroll around the Village.  Then dine out at one of more than a dozen restaurants, all within walking distance (15min) of our guesthouse.

See customer reviews Tom Holtey (US), 2012, Canoe Focus (UK), 2008,
Canoe and Kayak (US), 2006; see all trip reports


Practical information:

Advanced booking by e-mail is recommended.  See booking information.

If you are unsure of your schedule (perhaps you are island hopping?) send us an e-mail to give us a rough idea when you will be in Milos, then call ahead when you know you will arrive.

If you are on Milos and don't have a booking, call or e-mail us.

Both double and single kayaks are available to all persons on all trips. Double kayaks are useful for matching up paddlers of different strengths and are a great advantage on windy days, as they offer increased efficiency and stability.

Trips are planned according to the wind direction, taking into account the ability and wants of each participant, therefore it is not known which trip will take place on any given day, until the evening before.

Your safety is our main concernAt the launch site, you will be given briefing and safety instruction. We will not begin our journey until everyone a good understanding of how handle a kayak and what to expect once underway.

We supply healthy, delicious snacks and a nourishing picnic lunch for the group.

A Moderate level of fitness is required. Distances paddled each day will range from 12 to 16km, or about 3 hours paddling, usually with two beach breaks and several rest periods in the boats.  A good level of physical fitness will allow you to enjoy the trip much more. In addition, windy, and/or rough conditions may require a prolonged period of physical exertion. A bit of stamina and a good attitude are essential in such conditions!

What to bring:  For paddling, shorts and a shirt is all you need.  Lycra or other quick dry materials are advantageous.  A long sleeve shirt is ideal for sun protection.  A hat, sunglasses, sunscreen and drinking water are essential.  A beach towel and camera are optional, a dry-bag will be provided.

A great holiday and the photos to prove it.  Free digital photos for everyone:

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Serious paddling, at a relaxed pace, with good company"

Both single and double kayak are available
 on all trips  (see

Transport of persons and equipment to the paddle site is provided

Price includes a healthy picnic lunch
more lunch photos)

See our visitors' gallery for a taste of the good times, gone by.

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