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Sea Kayaking Day-trips and Expeditions
Milos Island, GREECE

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Expedition Information:
Circumnavigation of Milos Expedition (self catering):

The price includes:

  • 5 full days of sea kayaking, 4 nights wild camping on remote beaches
  • The services of an experienced and knowledgeable sea kayak guide throughout your trip.
  • All specialist sea kayaking equipment, including single or double sea kayaks, Werner paddles, spray-decks, buoyancy-aids (PFD's).
  • All sea kayaking equipment: single or double sea kayak, Werner glass paddle, spray-deck, PFD.
  • Group cooking equipment (1 x trangia stove and pots per 3-4 persons)
  • 2 nights B&B in Petrinela's Guesthouse on your arrival and last nights

The price does not include:

  • Food and food preparation, this trip is self catering
  • Camping equipment (its best to bring your own, however, they are available for hire)

Expedition plan

We aim to circumnavigate Milos island in 5 days, a distance of approximately 90km, or about 18km per day. This equates to about 4-5 hours paddling per day, leaving plenty of time for setting up camp, hiking and exploring on land, skills practice, swimming or snorkeling and relaxing. The start location and direction of travel will depend on the latest weather forecast and will be decided on the morning of day one.


Laminated A4 maps, will be provided. A PDF file of the map can be downloaded here.

Required paddling experience

Some sea kayaking experience is required.  You should have enough stamina to paddle up to 20km per day, which may take up to a total of 5 hours, depending on how many caves we find.  You should be comfortable with the idea of paddling in moderate wind and waves, as challenging conditions are likely on at least some of the days.  You should have practiced the T rescue and know how to do an assisted deep water rentry.

You have the choice of single or double kayaks.  Doubles are preferred by those who prefer companionship and teamwork, rather than the solitude and independence of a single.  They are also useful for matching up paddlers of different strengths and are a great advantage on windy days, as they offer increased stability and efficiency.

Arrival and departure dates to/from Milos!

The advertised dates include your arrival and departure dates on Milos. On arrival day there will be a meeting at 6pm to meet the guides and the rest of the group and to discuss the expedition in detail.  


Camping will be wild, on some of the most beautiful beaches of Milos.  Most are remote and there are no facilities, not even water.  Tents are recommended, although there is only a remote possibility of rain, there is often a heavy dew. 


The expedition is self catering, which means you buy your own food and do your own cooking.  Usually we each look after our own breakfast, lunch and snacks and prepare a group evening meal in turn.  You are welcome to bring some food from home if you wish, however there is a well stocked supermarket near to our guesthouse.  We will buy 3-4 days worth of food and water at the beginning as there we will be able to restock en route.


For a month by month comparison of weather statistics in the Cyclades see the Milos weather table.

What to wear

For paddling, shorts and a shirt will be sufficient on most days.  A long sleeve rash vest is recommend for sun protection.  A cagoule (waterproof  jacket) will be useful if its windy or overcast. 

For late and early season expeditions - November to April, also bring: neoprene or reed trousers, an extra thermal base layer, a warm paddling hat, pogies or gloves.

See the complete packing list

Skills development

There will be a strong emphasis on development of personal and group expedition skills, in areas such as: expedition planning and safety; route planning and navigation; paddling in wind and waves from all directions; loading a sea kayak and Campcraft.

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