Around Milos Expedition
Sep 27- Oct 3, 2006

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The Kanovereniging Keistad (Keistad canoe club),  of the Netherlands, visited Milos in Sep/Oct 06 for the Around Milos and Kimolos expedition.  There were 8 in the Group:  Inge and Marcel, Peter and Brigitte, Ria, Maaike, Maarten, Dik and Oscar.

To the left is a digitised map with the actual GPS track log. Click on the image to enlarge.


See also: Trip report, by Inge

See also:  Peter and Brigitte's Homepage


Photos below are by Marcel, Oscar, Peter and Rod
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A DSC00568 DSC00576 DSC00584 DSC00588
The singing dutchmen Maarten caving Inge at Kleftico Marcel at Kleftico Maaike at Kleftico
DSC00592 DSC00604 DSC09464 DSC09476 DSC09485
Contemplating the next move West coast campsite Packing boats, day 1 Setting off, day 1 Kapros Beach
DSC09490 DSC09500 DSC09509 DSC09537 DSC09553
The Hermit Breakfast table Dik standing up Boys turn to cook Poliegos pinnacles
DSC09563 DSC09573 DSC09595 IMGP0215 IMGP0268
The kitchen - Day 3 Day 3 camp on Kimolos SE Milos Choppy water, SW coast Team Photo
IMG_1506 P1000175 P1000191 P1000219 P1000244
Sunset over Antimilos Kimolos Camp - Day 1 BBQ dinner Crossing to Poliegos Macry's cave, Poliegos
P1000261 PBGP0176 PBGP0225 ezel marcel met hout
Poliegos camp Palaeohori camp Peter and Brigitte relax Naughty donkey Marcel with wood
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