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Around Milos Expedition
08-14 October 2006


Watch the surf video filmed on Day 6 at Plathiena beach (1.32 minute video clip; Click on the centre arrow to play (broadband connection >500Kbps required)

Photos by Sanne, Merete, Andrea, Gwen and Rod  Click on thumbnail image to enlarge photo
DSC00745 DSC00746 DSC00755 DSC00784 DSC00797
Packing Lunch break Cape Vani Beach Dave lovin it Agathia gargoyles
DSC00800 DSC00807 DSC00808 DSC00809 DSC00810
West coast paddling Rockhopping Luxury kitchen Sea cave Sikia arch
DSC00894 DSC00911 DSC00912 DSC00917 DSC00930
Kleftico tunnel Team photo: Kleftico Kleftico campsite Andrea Super smile
IMG_1942 IMG_1950 IMG_1961 IMG_1962 IMG_1967
Kleftico arch Filidas tunnel Lunch break at Psathi Storm brewing Palaeohori camp
IMG_1972 IMG_1978 IMG_1981 IMG_1991 PA120209
Underground tour Sulphur veins Drying out Sulphur mine beach Garage cook-up
PA130219 PA130240 PA130241 PA130242 PA130245
Andrea surfing Pat Surfing Double surfing Klima and Tripiti Last day
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