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Milos Island, GREECE

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Winter Courses

1. Introduction to sea kayaking
(BCU/UKCC 2 star kayak skills)

Aimed at those with little or no kayaking experience, who are looking to learn the basics in a spectacular setting.  Each day we will explore a different stretch of the Milos coast and along the way develop efficient forward paddling, manoeuvring techniques and group awareness.  There will be frequent stops in sheltered bays to practice capsize and rescue techniques (and for a hot cup of tea!).

As your fitness and confidence improve we will look to some longer sea journeys in moderate sea conditions.  See calendar for dates.

2. Fundamentals of sea kayaking
(BCU/UKCC 3 star skills)

Weather you have paddled for a a few months or a few years, this course is for those with some paddling experience, who have not had any specialized instruction.  We will cover all the basic strokes, rescues and rolling, then look how to apply them in real situations.  We aim to cover the UKCC 3 star sea kayak syllabus and more.  Assessment can be arranged.

See calendar for dates.


3. Rolling clinic

This is for those who have never tried to roll as well as those have been trying for years. We use a step by step method to construct a reliable roll.  Results guaranteed!!

Five days is a long time to be hanging upside down in a kayak and we do plan to break it up a bit.  Along the way we will also work on roll related techniques such as edge control, sculling and bracing, all in a spectacular setting.

See calendar for dates.


4. Surf and rough water handling

This course is for competent sea kayakers, wishing to practice or develop their rough water paddling skills.  During the week we will cover: advanced boat handling skills; rough water rescues and rolling; surf zone techniques; rock hopping; navigation and group leadership
A significant portion of time will be spent in and near surf zones.  .

Pre-requisites: A reliable roll and be comfortable paddling in moderate sea conditions. See calendar for dates.

All courses are for 5 consecutive days and include:- six nights B&B at Petrinela's Guesthouse, all equipment, transport and a picnic lunch on each day.  The all inclusive cost is 450 euro (twin share accommodation) or 510 euro for a single room.

Four levels of instruction will be offered:-

Group size will be limited to 5 persons to ensure personalized instruction.  All courses will be tailored to the wants and needs of each participant.

Rod Feldtmann
will run all courses.  Rod is a BCU Level 4 sea kayak coach with 15 years experience running sea kayaking trips on Milos and to other parts of Greece.
The winters in Milos are characterized by continental cold-fronts, that pass every 7-10 days.  This results in windy and sometimes wet weather for 3-5 days then mild and sunny weather for about the same.  For more about the Milos weather, click here.

Strong wind and waves are usual in winter, our windiest months.  Sheltered waters, for the introductory and rolling courses can always be found on the lee side of the island.

The sea temperature is never below 14 degrees Celsius and considerably warmer in November and December. Often the sea is warmer than the air - quite a special experience.

Cheap flights are another good reason to travel to Milos this winter, see more info about getting to Milos.

Don't expect a summer holiday, but if you want specialised instruction in a spectacular location and relatively mild temperatures, our winter courses could be for you.

What to wear: Bring whatever cold weather paddling gear you have - a waterproof paddling jacket is essential and a wetsuit is recommend for rolling and rescue practice.  If you do not have these, I have some for loan.

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